Electromagnetic multiple scattering library and toolkit.
Data Fields
qpms_incfield_planewave_params_t Struct Reference

Parameter structure for qpms_incfield_planewave() More...

#include <vswf.h>

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Data Fields

bool use_cartesian
 If true, wave direction k and amplitude E are specified in cartesian coordinates (via k.cart, E.cart). If false, k is specified in spherical coordinates and E are specified in the corresponding geographical coordinates (via k.sph, E.sph).
union {
   ccart3_t   cart
   csph_t   sph
 Wave vector.
union {
   ccart3_t   cart
   csphvec_t   sph
 Electric field amplitude at origin.

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Parameter structure for qpms_incfield_planewave()

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