Electromagnetic multiple scattering library and toolkit.
Data Fields
qpms_tmatrix_operation_lrmatrix Struct Reference

General matrix transformation. More...

#include <tmatrices.h>

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Data Fields

complex double * m
 Raw matrix data of M in row-major order. More...
size_t m_size
 Total size of m matrix in terms of sizeof(complex double).
bool owns_m
 Whether m is owned by this;.

Detailed Description

General matrix transformation.

\[ T' = MTM^\dagger \]

spec for qpms_tmatrix_operation_t.

Field Documentation

◆ m

complex double* qpms_tmatrix_operation_lrmatrix::m

Raw matrix data of M in row-major order.

The matrix must be taylored for the given bspec!

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