Electromagnetic multiple scattering library and toolkit.
Data Fields
qpms_tmatrix_t Struct Reference

A T-matrix. More...

#include <qpms_types.h>

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Data Fields

const qpms_vswf_set_spec_tspec
 VSWF basis specification, NOT owned by qpms_tmatrix_t by default. More...
complex double * m
 Matrix elements in row-major order.
bool owns_m
 Information wheter m shall be deallocated with qpms_tmatrix_free()

Detailed Description

A T-matrix.

In the future, I might rather use a more abstract approach in which T-matrix is a mapping (function) of the field expansion coefficients. So the interface might change. For now, let me stick to the square dense matrix representation.

Field Documentation

◆ spec

const qpms_vswf_set_spec_t* qpms_tmatrix_t::spec

VSWF basis specification, NOT owned by qpms_tmatrix_t by default.

Usually not checked for meaningfulness by the functions (methods), so the caller should take care that spec->ilist does not contain any duplicities and that for each wave with order m there is also one with order −m.

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