Electromagnetic multiple scattering library and toolkit.
Data Fields
qpms_trans_calculator Struct Reference

Structure holding the constant factors in normalisation operators. More...

#include <translations.h>

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Data Fields

qpms_normalisation_t normalisation
qpms_l_t lMax
qpms_y_t nelem
complex double ** A_multipliers
complex double ** B_multipliers
double * legendre0

Detailed Description

Structure holding the constant factors in normalisation operators.

The VSWF translation operator elements are rather complicated linear combinations of Bessel functions and spherical harmonics. The preceding factors are rather complicated but need to be calculated (for a single normalisation convention) only once and then recycled during the operator evaluation for different translations.

This structure is initialised with qpms_trans_calculator_t() and holds all the constant factors up to a truncation degree lMax.

The destructor function is qpms_trans_calculator_free().

If Ewald sums are enabled at build, it also holds the constant factors useful for lattice sums of translation operator.

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