Electromagnetic multiple scattering library and toolkit.
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qpmsblas.h File Reference

Naïve implementation of BLAS functions to workaround OpenBLAS bugs. More...

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#define QPMS_BLAS_INDEX_T   long long int


enum  CBLAS_LAYOUT { CblasRowMajor =101 , CblasColMajor =102 }
enum  CBLAS_TRANSPOSE { CblasNoTrans =111 , CblasTrans =112 , CblasConjTrans =113 }
enum  CBLAS_UPLO { CblasUpper =121 , CblasLower =122 }
enum  CBLAS_DIAG { CblasNonUnit =131 , CblasUnit =132 }
enum  CBLAS_SIDE { CblasLeft =141 , CblasRight =142 }


void qpms_zgemm (CBLAS_LAYOUT Order, CBLAS_TRANSPOSE TransA, CBLAS_TRANSPOSE TransB, const QPMS_BLAS_INDEX_T M, const QPMS_BLAS_INDEX_T N, const QPMS_BLAS_INDEX_T K, const _Complex double *alpha, const _Complex double *A, const QPMS_BLAS_INDEX_T lda, const _Complex double *B, const QPMS_BLAS_INDEX_T ldb, const _Complex double *beta, _Complex double *C, const QPMS_BLAS_INDEX_T ldc)
 Naïve serial reimplementation of cblas_zgemm.

Detailed Description

Naïve implementation of BLAS functions to workaround OpenBLAS bugs.

There is a bug in certain versions of OpenBLAS causing crashes if many BLAS functions are run from different threads in parallel. Typically, this happens when one calculates some large matrix (such as the global translation matrix) in several threads and cblas_zgemm() is called on relatively small submatrices. Because the submatrices are small, we can use a naïve, serial implementation of cblas_zgemm() as a workaround without a substantial impact on performance.

If included together with <cblas.h>, this must be include afterwards because of the typedefs!