Electromagnetic multiple scattering library and toolkit.
qpms Directory Reference


file  beyn.h [code]
 Beyn's algorithm for nonlinear eigenvalue problems.
file  drudeparam_data.c
 Lorentz-Drude model parameters for various materials permittivity.
file  ewald.h [code]
 Lattice sums of spherical waves.
file  gaunt.h [code]
 Gaunt coefficients (integrals over three spherical harmonics).
file  groups.h [code]
 Point groups.
file  indexing.h [code]
 Various index conversion functions.
file  kahansum.h [code]
 Inline functions providing Kahan summation.
file  lattices.h [code]
 Lattice point generators and lattice vector analysis / transformation.
file  materials.h [code]
 Optical properties of materials.
file  normalisation.h [code]
 Convention-dependent coefficients for VSWFs.
file  optim.h [code]
 Macros for compiler optimisation.
file  oshacks.h [code]
 Some platform-dependent functions.
file  parsing.h [code]
 Some custom string conversions.
file  pointgroups.h [code]
 Quaternion-represented 3D point groups.
file  qpms_error.h [code]
 QPMS miscellanous internal error handling functions and macros.
file  qpms_specfunc.h [code]
 Various special and auxillary functions.
file  qpms_types.h [code]
 Common qpms types.
file  qpmsblas.h [code]
 Na├»ve implementation of BLAS functions to workaround OpenBLAS bugs.
file  quaternions.h [code]
 Quaternions and Wigner matrices.
file  scatsystem.h [code]
 Modern interface for finite lattice calculations, including symmetries.
file  symmetries.h [code]
 Functions providing point group operations operating on translation operators and T-matrices.
file  tiny_inlines.h [code]
 Simple but frequently used inline functions and macros.
file  tmatrices.h [code]
 T-matrices for scattering systems.
file  tolerances.h [code]
file  translations.h [code]
 VSWF translation operator.
file  vectors.h [code]
 Coordinate transforms and vector arithmetics.
file  vswf.h [code]
 Vector spherical wavefunctions.