Electromagnetic multiple scattering library and toolkit.
Data Fields
qpms_finite_group_t Struct Reference

A point group with its irreducible representations and some metadata. More...

#include <groups.h>

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Data Fields

char * name
qpms_gmi_t order
 Group order (number of elements)
qpms_gmi_t idi
 Identity element index.
 Group multiplication table. If c = a*b, then ic = mt[order * ia + ib].
 Group elem inverse indices.
 A canonical set of group generators.
int ngens
 Number of the generators in gens;.
 Permutation representations of the elements.
char ** elemlabels
 Optional human readable labels for the group elements.
int permrep_nelem
 Number of the elements over which the permutation representation acts.
struct qpms_irot3_trep3d
 The quaternion representation of a 3D point group (if applicable).
qpms_iri_t nirreps
 How many irreps does the group have.
struct qpms_finite_group_irrep_tirreps
 Irreducible representations of the group.

Detailed Description

A point group with its irreducible representations and some metadata.

The structure of the group is given by the multiplication table mt.

Each element of the group has its index from 0 to order. The metadata about some element are then accessed using that index.

All members are in principle optional except order and mt.

Note: after changing this struct, don't forget to update the Python method SVWFPointGroupInfo.generate_c_source().

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