Electromagnetic multiple scattering library and toolkit.
Data Fields
qpms_scatsys_at_omega_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

const qpms_scatsys_tss
qpms_tmatrix_t ** tm
 T-matrices from ss, evaluated at omega. More...
complex double omega
 Angular frequency.
qpms_epsmu_t medium
 Background medium optical properties at the given frequency.
complex double wavenumber
 Background medium wave number.

Field Documentation

◆ ss

const qpms_scatsys_t* qpms_scatsys_at_omega_t::ss

Parent scattering system.

◆ tm

qpms_tmatrix_t** qpms_scatsys_at_omega_t::tm

T-matrices from ss, evaluated at omega.

The T-matrices are in the same order as in ss, i.e in the order corresponding to ss->tm.

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