Electromagnetic multiple scattering library and toolkit.
Data Fields
qpms_scatsys_periodic_info_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

cart3_t lattice_basis [3]
 (Direct) lattice basis of the system (only lattice_dimension elements are used) More...
cart3_t reciprocal_basis [3]
 Reciprocal lattice basis. More...
double unitcell_volume
 Unitcell volume (irrelevant for non-periodic systems). More...
double eta
 Default Ewald parameter \( \eta \). More...

Field Documentation

◆ eta

double qpms_scatsys_periodic_info_t::eta

Default Ewald parameter \( \eta \).

Normally, this just gets copied into qpms_scatsys_at_omega_t, which is then used in the Ewald sums. However, for higher frequencies it must be adjusted to avoid numerical instability.

◆ lattice_basis

cart3_t qpms_scatsys_periodic_info_t::lattice_basis[3]

(Direct) lattice basis of the system (only lattice_dimension elements are used)

This is mandatory for lattice_dimension != 0

◆ reciprocal_basis

cart3_t qpms_scatsys_periodic_info_t::reciprocal_basis[3]

Reciprocal lattice basis.

(TODO specify whether it includes 2π or not)

◆ unitcell_volume

double qpms_scatsys_periodic_info_t::unitcell_volume

Unitcell volume (irrelevant for non-periodic systems).

The dimensionality of the volume corresponds to lattice_dimension, so for lattice_dimension == 1, this will actually be lenght and for lattice_dimension == 2, a 2D area.

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