Electromagnetic multiple scattering library and toolkit.
Data Fields
qpms_ss_LU Struct Reference

LU factorisation (LAPACKE_zgetrf) result holder. More...

#include <scatsystem.h>

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Data Fields

const qpms_scatsys_at_omega_tssw
const struct qpms_scatsys_at_omega_k_tsswk
 Only for periodic systems, otherwise NULL.
bool full
 true if full matrix; false if irrep-packed.
qpms_iri_t iri
complex double * a
 LU decomposition array.
int * ipiv
 Pivot index array, size at least max(1,min(m, n)).

Detailed Description

LU factorisation (LAPACKE_zgetrf) result holder.

Field Documentation

◆ iri

qpms_iri_t qpms_ss_LU::iri

Irrep index if full == false.

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